Founder and Active Board Member
Crazy Cat Lady Animal Rescue
2014 – Present

Crazy Cat Lady Animal Rescue was established in 2014 by a group of friends who wanted to make sure all of the cats and kittens in the New River Valley were able to lead full and happy lives. Members place these animals in homes and environments that best suit their personalities. To date over 100 cats, kittens, and dogs have been placed into permanent homes. The rescue is operated out of foster homes so that pets are prepared to become well integrated to their future adopter’s household.
Alex’s involvement in the organization is extremely diverse. For more information about her role in the rescue please contact her directly using the Contact Me form. For more information about the rescue please check out their website at

Graduate/Undergraduate Highway Safety Lecturer
West Virginia University

Alex returns to West Virginia University nearly annually to give a presentation on highway safety to students enrolled in this course. The topics vary from data collection methods and analysis to active and passive safety. The key theme of the human factors involved in safety is always present in her discussion with students. This provides students with opportunities to learn about graduate school and new and emerging research and technologies that they may not have been exposed to previously.

Panel Member for Safety & Human Factors
Virginia Tech Civil Engineering/Transportation Graduate School Panel
Spring 2014

Alex served as a member of a diverse panel of graduate students from the transportation group within the Civil Engineering department at Virginia Tech. The purpose of this panel was to give undergraduates a practical expectation of what graduate school is like, what would be expected of them as students, and why it might (or might not) by the right choice for them. A Q&A session followed a series of short presentations by graduate students about their research and experience at Virginia Tech.

Summer Transportation Institute
Guest Speaker
July 2013

Alex presented material to thirty Baltimore middle and high school students who were participating in the Summer Transportation Institute, a program designed to encourage students to pursue careers in transportation. These opportunities allow her to highlight how all branches of civil engineering tie into safety in some form or fashion and introduce students to new and emerging fields like connected vehicle technology. She made a point to encourage students from many different backgrounds and academic strengths to consider how they can have a career in engineering.

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